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Gracy Singh is a celebrated film actress and Bharata Natyam dancer, creating and performing Indian classical and contemporary works. Her dance has been lauded as an undeniable language of self-expression that is dynamic and continuously evolving, naturally, gracefully and inevitably, able to connect with audiences across the board, from the specialist to the layperson.

Having trained under the legendary guru, Sri Deepak Mazumdar, she made her debut on stage in 2001 proving her inherent gift as a fine dancer. Since then she has continued to perform to audiences of connoisseurs both in India and abroad. She has evolved a distinctive style of dance that has been described as, "Classical and yet contemporary, precise and poetic, blurring the boundaries between tradition and the individual talent, inheritance and invention."

Gracy first made a name for herself in India as a film actress and came to international notice when she played the role of Gauri in Lagaan in 2001, and soon was recognised as an exceptional dancer in the classical forms of BharataNatyam.

As a Bharatanatyam dancer Gracy is known for her fine dedication of this classical art form, clarity of line and strong rhythmic command of the idiom. She has created numerous stage productions which have raised awareness, highlighted crucial issues and advocated change, several of which productions have toured internationally as well as throughout India. Today, while her style of dance has the form and vocabulary of Bharatanatyam, it is yet distinctly her own.

Spiritual Elevation

"Classical Dance is a venture to embody the divine beauty, charm, rhythms and symbols that exist in heaven. It is a spiritual elevation both for the dancer and the audience."
- Gracy Singh


There are number of full length productions of Dance dramas which are being perfomed nationally as well as internationally and are winning high critical acclaim. Apart from full length productions there are performances in various classical dance styles as solo recitals or group recitals.

One World Family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam)

The whole earth is one family. The whole of humanity is made of one life energy. Universal love and brotherhood makes us understand the pains and pleasures of others and to be aware of it and to share the concerns. Respecting and celebrating cultures is the beauty of diversity. Inculcate universal love and peace for universal family. Let's open our heart's, open our arms to embrace and "heal the world".

Golden Sunrise (Swarnim Suryauday)

Honoring parents leads to blessings. We receive strength and wisdom from God. The Lord will bless those who take good care of their elderly. Ancient people say that elders are like angels. Their vibrations are very strong, powerful & filled with unconditional love & their blessing are magical. Their lessons & teachings are more precious than diamonds. Those are the pearls you can collect throughout your life, to create a golden world of Satyug. It is the rule of good deeds that prevails upon every one. Saviors and guardians of righteousness and morality always lead a life of happiness, peace, oneness and purity.. 'Bharat' is known to be that pious place, where the virtues of Krishna/Vishnu are adopted and followed by one and all.

Vaikunth (Heaven On Earth)

The spiritual world is the greater reality beyond the limited material world of our experience. The world we know is made of temporary matter, but the permanent, spiritual world is made of spirit, which is the essence of all life. The spiritual world is also known as Vaikuntha, the place where life is harmonious and beautiful beyond our imagination, where all speech is a song, every step is a dance. Every Supreme person of Vaikuntha is in His original form of Krishna/Radha and in a Vishnu/Laxmi form.

Abode of peace (Shanti Nivas)

When you carry peace within you, you bring peace to the world. You remain calm and joyful at all times, regardless of outside circumstances. Eternal peace is a state in which the mind is quiet and serene. God offers us the contentment which leads to eternal victory. Goddess of contentment "Santoshi Maa" intercede for us so that one day we might be a jewel in her crown.


The special spiritual powers of a woman are recognized and she is considered to be the nurturing connection to the divine, known as "Parmeshwari". Women on earth take courage and represent Saraswati, Laxmi, Parvati, Radha and Santoshi Maa. In human form, women also hold the honored roles of wisdom-keepers.

Adi Dev

Creation is a dance, and the divine is a dancer. Like yoga, the dance induces trance, ecstasy, the experience of the divine, the realization of ones own secret nature and finally, mergence into the divine essence. Shiva, known as "Adi Dev" is the Cosmic Dancer; in his Dance he embodies in himself the powers of the evolution, maintenance and dissolution of the world. Nature and all its creatures are the effects of his eternal dance.


Panchtattva is a unique theatrical presentation that depicts the five elements of nature - Earth, Air, Water, Space and Fire. It brings out the emotions involved with each of the elements of nature. And how we can receive God's Power for great transformation of these elements.

Shiv Shakti

The power and grandeur of Goddess Shakti and the Lord shiva are presented. Durga, as well as Mahalaxmi and saraswati as manifestationsof Shakti are presented. The theme is based upon a single phenomenon- transformation. Old paradigms go extinct giving way to the new ones. From the times immemorial women were regarded as the Shakti that complimented Shiva.

Radha Krishna

Is a spiritual musical dance drama taking you through the spiritual journey of Krishna's union with Radha. It's a theatrical presentation of story performed via dance, music, dialogues and narration, with costume and scenery. The choreography attempts to bring to light a few notable events during Lord Krishna's sojourn on earth, particularly, his youthful leela for which he is venerated. The stage presentation depicts the Lord's mischief with the gopis of Brindavan, the special bond between Radha and Krishna and their eternal love.

LaxmiVishnu Avataran

LaxmiVishnu and RadhaKrishna’s life story performed in two classical forms of dancing, Bharatnatyam and Kathak, along with traditional folk dances of India-Dandiya, Garba etc. Lord Vishnu takes different births and finally that of Krishna. So does Laxmi as Radha. Both are united and married.


This is a presentation of saints and sages. It also narrates the divine stories of Gods and Goddesses. Dashavtaar, the depiction of ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, is also performed in this style.


This presentation is a depiction of Lord Jagannath. The interpretative portion is based on various mythological tales. The verses of Sanskrit shlokas are also incorporated to depict love and devotion to God.


Kathak has been derived from the word Katha which means a story. These stories are largely based on episodes from the epics, myths and legends. Mime and gestures are added to make the recitation more effective.

Reflections of Cinema

This show is a journey of Indian cinema from 1950’s to present times. Popular hindi film songs are performed along with famous film dialogues. Songs from regional languages of India are also included. It is a classical composition with fusion, Indian folk, dandia, lavni, bhangra and western contemporary dance.

Kamal Nath

Mr Kamal Nath is one of the top choreographers and a great Dancer of Indian cinema having experience of more than 25 years, he has over a hundred Hindi and regional films to his credit. Best known for creating a fusion style of dance with unique theatrical techniques to present our dance ballets, which are imbued with elements of Indian classical, semi classical, jazz, salsa, folk styles, and tribal dance etc, earning accolades from all.

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe : Kamal Nath
Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Manisha Basu

Manisha Basu

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Anuradha Sakpal

Anuradha Sakpal

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Rhea Rajan

Rhea Rajan

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Anusua Roy

Anusua Roy

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Ankita Gaikwad

Ankita Gaikwad

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Girija Iyer

Girija Iyer

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Komal Ahire

Komal Ahire

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Tanvi Vora

Tanvi Vora

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Bittoo Roy

Bittoo Roy

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Renjish Nair

Renjish Nair

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Jagat Rawal

Jagat Rawal

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Krishna Vashudev

Krishna Vashudev

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Pradeep Mishra

Pradeep Mishra

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Pronob


Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Sarvesh Murtadak

Sarvesh Murtadak

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Vishal Mangal

Vishal Mangal

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Abin Babu

Abin Babu

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Nimisha_Malvi

Nimisha Malvi

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Rucha Patil

Rucha Patil

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Urvi Shivram

Urvi Shivram

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Vaishnavi Deshpande
Vaishnavi Deshpande
Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Kashyap Tambe
Kashyap Tambe (Stage Light Designer)
Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Nisha Gilbert

Nisha Gilbert

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe : Rema Menon

Rema Menon : Rupali Kadam

Rupali Kadam : Dipali Tikam

Dipali Tikam : Meenakshi Acharya

Meenakshi Acharya : Kranti Thorat

Kranti Thorat : Varsha Kadam

Varsha Kadam : Radhika

Radhika : Nikita

Nikita : Menka Rani

Menka Rani : Manjula Nandgopal

Manjula Nandgopal : Devanshi Mehta

Devanshi Mehta : Darshini Modi

Darshini Modi : Aishwarya Attri

Aishwarya Attri : Krinal Soni

Krinal Soni : Bhoomiti Prajapati

Bhoomiti Prajapati : Rakhi Veliyath

Rakhi Veliyath : Dharna Thaker

Dharna Thaker : Sheetal

Sheetal : Tejashree

Tejashree : Varsha Menon

Varsha Menon : Manisha Damodar

Manisha Damodar : Nandana

Nandana : Shreya Jadhav

Shreya Jadhav : Varda Menon

Varda Menon : Ishani Nandgopal

Ishani Nandgopal : Nupur Gilbert

Nupur Gilbert : Shrayu Gavi

Shrayu Gavi : Spriha Roy

Spriha Roy

Anil Dole

Anil Dole is a sound engineer from Assam, settled in Mumbai. He is best known for his work as a highly skilled sound editor. He is a creative professional responsible for editing and assembling sound recordings in preparation for the final sound mixing or mastering of a dance ballet audio, involving recorded or synthetic sound, focuses on mixing together different tracks to mesh and create a new track and fix the incomplete, undramatic, or technically inferior sound with artistic contribution of exceptional editing and create a final mix — dialogue, effects, and music.

Showcase of Movies

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Won (2002)

IIFA Award for Star Debut of the Year Female - Special Award for Lagaan.

Won (2002)

Screen Award for Most Promising Newcomer Female for Lagaan.

Won (2002)

Zee Cine Award for Best Female Debut for Lagaan.

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe Gracy Singh Dance Troupe

Nominated (2002)

Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for Lagaan.

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Achievements Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Achievements

Nominated (2010)

Popular Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Rama Rama Krishna Krishna..

Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Achievements Gracy Singh Dance Troupe: Achievements

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